University of Nebraska-Lincoln

NAME: Bolin, Robert Luke DATE: June 1, 2013
TITLE: Business Librarian  
RANK: Associate Professor
DEPARTMENT: University Libraries
OFFICE: Room 225E, Love Library OFFICE PHONE: (402) 472-4418



  • Master of Public Administration, June 1983, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. 
  • Master of Science in Library Science, May 1981, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. 
  • Diploma, 1971, Defense Language Institute, Presidio of Monterey, CA
    (47-week course in Modern Standard Arabic). 
  • Bachelor of Arts, 1970, University of Texas, Austin, TX
  • Faculty Appointments:
      • 2004-present, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE
        • Business Librarian
        • 2006-present, Library Liaison to the ROTC programs
        • 2006-2007 Interim History Liaison
        • 2013-present, Library Sciance Liaison
        • 2013-Present, Librarian for the Patent and Trademark Resource Center and part of the team helping manage the Engineering Library until a new Engineering Librarian is hired.
      • 1989-04, Associate Professor/Reference Librarian, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
      • 1987-89, General Librarian, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID.
      • 1985-86, Reference Librarian, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, GA
  • Other Academic Appointments:
      • 1987-88, Supervisor, Computer Lab, College of Agriculture, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID.
      • 1982-85. COBOL Programmer, Managment Information Systems Office, Small Business Development Center, University of Georgia, Athens, GA
      • 1979-80, Reference Assistant, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
  • Non-Academic Appointments
    • US Army:
      • 1974-79, Arabic Translator, US Army Foreign Science and Technology Center, Charlottesville, VA. As a civilian employee, I reviewed, cataloged, and translated material in various scientific disciplines. I also supervised the publication of document catalogs, translations, and indexes.
      • 1970-74, Enlisted, United States Army. I served in the Military Intelligence Branch. After attending the Defense Language Institute, I worked as an Arabic translator.
    • US Forest Service, Idaho Panhandle National Forests
      • 1966-70.  Four summers working in various jobs including lookout, prevention guard, and hot shot crew member.


  • Teaching
    • Courses Taught at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
        • Fall 2005, TEAC 844B, School Media, Reference.
    • Courses Taught at the University of Idaho
        • 2003-present, for Independent Study in Idaho, LibS 423/LibS 523, Introduction to Reference Work.
        • Fall 2003, AMST 310, Studies in American Culture
          Topic: "The Organization of Knowledge in America." 
        • 1990-present, for Independent Study in Idaho, LibS 419, Computer Applications in Libraries
        • June 1990, LibS 403, Automation for Small Libraries (team taught).
        • 1988-93, for Independent Study in Idaho, LibS 423, Introduction to Reference Work
    • Courses Developed
        • 1990, LibSC419, Computer Applications in Libraries. 
  • Digital Projects
  • Publications:
    • Peer Reviewed:
      • "The 'Lost' US Technical Reports: Obtaining Reports from the 1940s and 50s." Journal of Government Information, 26(5):501-508. 1999.
      • Using Sorted Lists for Error Checking." Library Philosophy and Practice [online], 2(1). 1999.
      • "Melvil Dewey, CD-ROMS, and the Future of Librarianship." Proceedings of the ACRL 7th National Conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1995 . p. 341-345.
      • "A Model CD-ROM Library." Library Hi Tech, Issue 51, 13(3):94-100, 1995.
      • "The Challenge of CD-ROMs for Libraries." The Reference Librarian, 43:117-130, 1994.
      • "Copy Machine for TIGER Files." CD-ROM Librarian, 7(10):20-23, November 1992.
      • "Making Shareware Available at the Reserve Desk." Information Technology and Libraries, 11(3):251-258. September 1992.
      • "Setting Up General Purpose CD-ROM Workstations." Library Hi Tech, Issue 36, 9(4):53-62, 1991.
    • Indexes
    • Document Collections:
      • Pencil Research Page [online].
        Available at: Pencil research Page
      • University of Georgia, Agricultural Extension Service Bulletin, Supplement [microform]. Athens, Georgia: University of Georgia, College of Agriculture, 1984. 2 reels of microfilm.
    • Computer Programs:
      • TIGER2, University of Idaho Library, June 1992. TIGER2 was a BASIC program which allowed library users to download the large Census TIGER/Line files onto multiple diskettes and reassemble them elsewhere. 
      • MONIQUE, University of Idaho Library, July 1991. MONIQUE was a Turbo Pascal program which extracted data from records downloaded from the Western Library Network bibliographic database. 
      • Acquisitions List Program. 1990. This was a tailor-made dBase III program to produce the weekly list of "Books added the University of Idaho Library." The program reformated and organized data downloaded from the Western Library Network database.
      • Serials Analysis Program. 1988. This was a tailor-made dBase III program which produced a financial status report showing annual costs of serials subscribed to by the University of Idaho Library and separate reports showing the costs of serials by academic discipline. The program collated records downloaded from the MICROLINX serials database maintained by the UI Library Serials Department.
      • Card and Pocket Labels Program. 1987. This was a tailor-made BASIC program to produce labels for circulation cards and pockets used in new books added to the University of Idaho Library. It used data downloaded from the Western Library Network bibliographic database in the course of cataloging. Previously, cards and pockets were prepared by typists.
    • Computer Documentation:
      • FAMULUS Personal Information System, Users Guide
        Athens, Georgia: University of Georgia, Baldwin Data Analysis Center, 1984.  59 pp.
        Also available as ERIC Document ED 247 929. 
      • Documentation for the U.S. Small Business Administration, Small Business Development Center Program, Management Information System: 
        • Executives Handbook (1983), 43 pp. 
        • Consultant's Guide (1982), 36 pp. 
        • Data Entry Guide (1982), 50 pp. 
        • Programmer's Documentation, Interactive Programs (1983), 254 pp. 
        • Programmer's Documentation, Files Used (1983), 24 pp. 
    • Presentations:
      • "Melvil Dewey, CD-ROMS, and the Future of Librarianship," presented at the Association of College and Research Libraries 7th National Conference held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 29-April 1, 1995.
      • "Free Access to Government Information: Your Tax Dollars at Work" (with Lily Wai), Idaho Library Association Spring Conference, Moscow, Idaho, April 29, 1993.
      • "CD-ROM Workstations: What You Need to Know," a Preconference for the Idaho Library Association Annual Conference, Boise, Idaho, September 30-October 3, 1992.
      • Presentation on the TIGER2 file transfer program as part of "TIGER and 1990 Census Data; or How to Handle a Wildcat," sponsored by the ALA Map and Geography Round Table and the ALA Government Documents Round Table at the American Library Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, California, June 25-July 2, 1992. ("TIGER and 1990 Census Data. . ." is available on two cassettes from the American Library Association, Chicago, Illinois.
      • "Setting up General-Purpose CD-ROM Workstations," a poster session at the American Library Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, California, June 25-July 2, 1992.
      • Presentation on the TIGER2 file transfer program, Western Regional Earth Sciences Information Center Meeting, USGS Western Mapping Center, Menlo Park, California, June 24-26, 1992.
      • "CD-ROM Workstations," Idaho Library Association Spring Conference, Lewiston, Idaho, April 22, 1991.
      • Workshop for employees of the Moscow/Latah County Library System on IBM Personal Computers and LaserCat workstations, October 1990.
      • "Basic Computer Literacy," Region Two Idaho Library Association Mini-Conference, Moscow, Idaho, April 28, 1990.


  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Faculty Committees
    • Academic Standards Committee, 2008-
    • Commencement and Honors Convocations Committee, 2006-2009, 2011-, Chair,22012-2013.
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries, Faculty Offices
    • Secretary, 2004-05.
  • Universtiy of Idaho Faculty Committees
    • Information Technology Committee, 2003-04.
    • Student Financial Aid Committee, 2002-04.
    • Officer Education Committee, 1999-03, Chair, 2001-02.
    • University Judicial Council, 1998-99.
    • Parking Committee, Chair, 1997-98.
    • Educational Technologies & Services Advisory Committee, Chair, 1996-97.
    • Honorary Degrees Committee, 1993-96; Chair, 1994-95.
    • Borah Foundation Committee, 1990-93; Chair 1992-93.
  • Other
    • Member of the Board, Friends of the Haymarket Theatre, Lincoln, NE, 2006-2008