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My name is Bob Bolin. I am interested in the history of a the Autopoint and Dur-O-Lite companies in Chicago from the 1920s into the 1970s. I am also interested in their founders and officers, especially:

  1. Charles Keeran, founder of Eversharp and an early partner in Autopoint
  2. Frank Deli, a founder of Autopoint and long-time officer
  3. Michael Kaufmann, a founder of Autopoint
  4. John Lynn, a founder of Autopoint and a founder and longtime officer of Dur-O-Lite

This is a collection of material assembled in support of my research.

Corrections, comments, and suggestions are welcome. I can be reached at: rbolin2@unl.edu


This webpage presents catalogs and other documents offering products for sale as well as guarantees and similar documents. Those documents are presented for historical purposes only.
  • The companies that published those catalogs and issued those guarantees no longer exist. In the last 30 years, the Autopoint product line has been sold several times. The present Autopoint Company cannot be bound by those documents.
  • The current Autopoint Company cannot repair antique Autopoint pencils. Although the pencils sold by the Autopoint Company resemble older pencils, those products were reengineered in the 1970s. The parts of older pencils are not interchangable with new pencil parts.

If you love Autopoint pencils, you can simply buy new pencils from the new Autopoint Company. They are available online at:

The Autopoint Company

Autopoint Related Documents

  • Material Related to Charles R. Keeran

    Mr. Keeran was the founder of the Eversharp pencil company and an early partner in the Autopoint Company.

  • Material Related to Frank Deli
    Frank Deli was a founder of Autopoint and a longtime officer of the corporation. Two documents containing biographical information prepared by Mr. Deli are presented below.

  • Material Related to Sol Shulman

    Sol Shulman was the president of the Autopoint Company in the 1960s. He has been of great assistance in my pencil research.

  • Identification Guides for Autopoint Pencils
  • Dur-O-Lite Related Documents

    The Dur-O-Lite company was founded by John Lynn after he sold his interest in Autopoint. Dur-O-Lite was a rival of Autopoints for many years.

    Documents about Spiral Pencils

    During the 1940s, 50s, and 60s both the Autopoint and Dur-O-Lite companies manufactured nearly identical versions of a distinctive type of pencil. The paper "An Autopoint/Dur-O-Lite Mystery Solved" explains how the two rival companies came to produce nearly identical pencils. The paper "A Guide to Autopoint and Dur-O-Lite Spiral Pencils" describes the variations of the spiral pencils.