Autopoint 1968 District Managers Sales Convention, Nassau

       District Managers -- and THEIR "managers"

Note:   I am trying to identify the people in the picture.  A key is located below the picture.  
If you know any of the people in the picture, please email me so that I can fill in the key. 

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 Lady Sitting on the floor in the center is Mrs. Lewis Pollock.

The lady in the center of the back row is Miss Frances Penn.

Couples Left to Right

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Overton
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Vic Nielson
  3. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gsell
  4. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Fuerst
  5. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fredrickson
  6. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Stocker
  7. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kirk
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Doc Dokmo
  9. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shaver
  10. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Laymon
  11. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Amo

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