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These posters were placed in Japanese-American communities in the United States and provided notification that Japanese-Americans were to be evacuated from their homes and sent to concentration camps.

   After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 in January 1942. The order forced Japanese American citizens to abandon their homes and businesses and relocate to concentration, or internment, camps located in states such as Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Arkansas, and Idaho. The U.S. War Department directed the evacuation of citizens and creation of the camps. Despite barbed wire and armed guards, those who lived in the camps worked hard to develop resources and opportunities to enhance their lives, including victory gardens and formal classrooms for educating children of all ages.
evacuation alert pamphlet evacuation alert pamphlet
MAY 15, 1942


Evacuation Alert pamphlets

Size: 36 cm x 56 cm

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evacuation alert pamphlet evacuation alert pamphlet
MAY 23, 1942

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