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The Japanese-American/Asian Collections are housed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries. The collection documents the experiences of Japanese-Americans in the United States, particularly during World War II. Second generation Japanese-Americans, or Nisei, were interned in concentration camps during the war. The University of Nebraska welcomed Nisei college students to the campus in order to provide an opportunity for them to continue their education. Strong support on behalf of the UNL Nisei alumni and other UNL alumni allowed the Libraries to develop a strong collection of published materials related to the Japanese-American experience and to the experience of Asian-Americans in the United States.

    This website on the Japanese-American/Asian Collections at the UNL Libraries highlights books, original documents, and alumni stories. Thalia Krupskaya Veintimilla developed the site as apart of her course work for International Studies and in partnership with Instructional Technology Service. The website has been created through the generous support of Dr. Roger Kobayashi.

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